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…1st I Want To Tell You About William And Tommy:

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William Top Tier(Which one of these guys most fits your scenario?)



Now these guys are fictitious characters, but I’ve seen their likes everyday online.

In fact, I’ve had the pleasure to be both of them…

I was frustrated and broke there for waaaaayyy to long.  My online success would’ve made Tommy boy there seem like freakin’ Donald Trump or sumthin’.

I spent about 10 years flailing and wailing about online…Chasin’ those big gooroo dreams…

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but these guys always make things look way easier for us to do than they actually are don’t they!?  It’s all good now though…

But I can’t but help remember all those bitter days I’ve spent buying into all that hype, searching, hoping, praying to find the answer to all my money worries.

Yea… riches and luxury and an awesome lifestyle sounded all good.

But I needed to feed my flippin’ family! Screw freedom!  I needed to keep my lights on and food in my kids bellies.

But secretly I still wanted more. Way more. Bigger vacations. Nicer house and cars. Yea. I wanted that too. Deep inside. I wanted it bad.

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Bary Schwartz
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